Xi Jinping

How China’s Crumbling Real-Estate Market Puts The World Economy At Risk

Evergrande, one of China’s largest real-estate developers, filed for bankruptcy last week, the latest sign that the nation’s once high-flying real-estate market is falling apart. China’s economy is heavily influenced by its real-estate market, and China’s continued struggles will undoubtedly harm the broader world economy. The ruling Chinese […]

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Xi Jinping’s ‘Disappearing’ Acts Leave No Doubt He’s A Dictator

After President Joe Biden called Xi Jinping, the head of the Chinese Communist Party, a “dictator” at a fundraising event last month, Beijing vehemently protested, accusing Biden’s remarks of being “extremely absurd,” “irresponsible,” and “an open political provocation.” The mysterious “disappearance” of China’s top diplomat Qin Gang […]

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Taiwan Is Joe Biden’s Carter Conundrum

Americans are living through the 1970s all over again. Race riots have returned with a vengeance, inner-city crime is once again the norm, runaway inflation has re-emerged as an economic antagonist, and embarrassing foreign policy failures have returned to humiliate a nation that exited another […]

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