FANS have slammed Farrah Abraham as they claimed she pretended to be her daughter Sophia in a birthday post made for HERSELF.

The Teen Mom 2 star turned 30 on May 31st with a wild birthday bash including a yacht ride, jet skis, and massive cake.

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Fans slammed Farrah for impersonating her daughter[/caption]

Farrah has since faced backlash from fans who believe she wrote her daughter’s birthday post and dedicated it to herself.

One follower screenshot the pre-teen’s post as she and her mom enjoyed a boat ride for her special day.

The child allegedly captioned the video: “MY MOM’S 30th YACHT 🛥 LIFE. My mom has never been cooler or happier truly living , loving and thriving in her life. To our next decade together ❤🥳😎.”

Fans, however, were convinced that Farrah wrote the message herself, and they slammed the reality star as “truly vile” for impersonating her child.

Instagram/Sophia Abraham

The pre-teen shared a new video on her Instagram[/caption]

Instagram/Sophia Abraham

Fans believed the caption was written by Farrah herself[/caption]

“Who makes a birthday post for themself on ‘their child’s’ social media account? Farrah that’s who. Interesting how ‘Sophia’s caption’ sounds just like how Farrah speaks,” one speculated.

“Yeah cause every kid says that their mom is thriving in their life…that’s really how every kid describes their parent,” another wrote sarcastically.

“I feel so bad for this child. Farrah is truly vile,” a third expressed while a fourth jokingly agreed: “Yes, my pre teen child often speaks like that when referring to me.”

“‘Truly living, loving, and thriving in her life’ LOL never mind the fact that Farrah is doing none of those things, these are the words of a 55 year old wine mom not a pre-teen,” another scathed.


A final reminded: “Like 99.9% Sophia’s Instagram is someone, probably Farrah, taking a picture or video of Sophia.

“Nothing is Sophia taking a picture or Sophia taking a video. It’s basically just another account for Farrah. A couple people questioned if Sophia even has access to the account at all,” they reasoned.

Farrah rang in her 30th birthday over Memorial Day weekend with a lavish yacht party and water sports.

The controversial parent flaunted her figure in a revealing bikini as she posed on top of jet skis before taking a ride.

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Farrah had a lavish birthday celebration[/caption]

Farrah and Sofia/YouTube

She celebrated with Sophia[/caption]

While on the water vehicle, she wrapped her arms around Sophia, 12, as they shared a ride together.

Later that night, Farrah donned a fancy suit and flashy heels to continue the celebration.

Her over-the-top cake read: “Happy 30th Birthday” and she had gold glitter balloons and a “let’s party” LED sign to top off the decor.

Ahead of her big day Farrah shared an old MySpace message from her baby daddy Derek Underwood who passed away at age 18.

Farah shared a lovely message from Derek
Sophia’s father passed in 2008

Sophia’s father was lost in a tragic car accident in 2008, and the Teen Mom star has struggled with his death over the past decade.

On her Instagram story, the MTV star shared an old message from Derek that read “I miss you” hundreds of times over.

“When I have a hard day, this note will forever give me love, cheer me up,” she captioned the reminder, adding: “Forever and ever and ever and ever.”

Source: The Sun

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