Sean has faced controversy after exploding on not only Jade’s mother and father during Tuesday’s episode but also in becoming violent towards the MTV producers in a heated moment.

After arriving at the hospital for Jade’s plastic surgery follow-up appointment, the reality star looked exhausted as he rested his head on the mini-van steering wheel.

When an MTV producer approached the vehicle to speak to the TV personality, he slammed the door open and began yelling.

“Back up dude, get those cameras off me man!” he shouted.

“You think I’m f**king joking bro? Get the f**king cameras off me dude. You really think I would come looking like this if I knew you were f**king filming?” he ranted, while the network’s security held him back.

“God d**n get the f**k out of my face dude before I start f**king people up,” the father of one continued as he walked towards the building.

“Cameras down, now, or I’m freaking the f**k out. Not cool. Period. Whatever I say goes. F**king dog s**t dude. Dog s**t. You guys f**king suck,” he shouted, then causing Jade to scream: “SEAN STOP!”

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