Tesla recalls 300,000 vehicles after issue that ‘increases risk of collision’ found

TESLA has just recalled 300,000 vehicles due to a software glitch that makes cars’ headlights go off intermittently, increasing the odds of traffic accidents. 

On Saturday, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published documents that said that Tesla’s glitches might affect one or both taillights on certain Model Y and Model 3 vehicles. 

The vehicle recalls could affect over 300,000 units


The vehicle recalls could affect over 300,000 unitsCredit: Getty
The glitches that have been reported are affecting the cars' taillights, resulting in them shutting off intermittently


The glitches that have been reported are affecting the cars’ taillights, resulting in them shutting off intermittentlyCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Tesla claims they will be releasing a software patch that will resolve these issues. 

The vehicle recall can affect cars that were released between the years 2020, 2021, and 2022. 

Around 321,628 vehicles could be affected. 

Tesla learned of these issues when customers, primarily from abroad, began contacting them to report glitches in their taillights.

Tesla launched an investigation that was completed this month and resulted in the recall of some of these vehicles. 

Vehicles that are currently in production or have yet to be delivered to buyers got the patch update on November 6th and should be safe to use. 

Starting January 14, Tesla will send letters to the owners of the affected vehicles. 

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The company claims no car crashes or serious incidents have been triggered by the headlight glitches. 

Tesla’s vehicles recall follows another incident that was reported this week.

On Friday, Tesla recalled almost 30,000 Model X vehicles in the U.S. due to an issue where the front passenger airbag was being deployed incorrectly.

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The recall resulted in Tesla’s shares being down and reaching a two-year low. 

Tesla was founded by Elon Musk in the year 2003; he leads all product designs, engineering, and manufacturing.

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