Republicans in Texas are attempting to make it harder to cheat, not harder to vote, despite Democrats’ efforts to spin election ”integrity” as voter ”suppression,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said Tuesday on Newsmax.

“Back not that long ago, you had to vote on one day — you know, that was your day,” Paxton, a Republican, told “Spicer & Co.” “Now we have two weeks of early voting in Texas, and now they’re saying, ‘that’s not enough, you ought to be able to vote by mail whenever you want to, you ought to be able to harvest votes, and there should be no, really, limitation on access.

“They problem with that is [if] we do it that way, we don’t know if the right person’s voting, so they’re willing to trade off, saying, ‘we don’t care if we don’t know who’s voting as long as anybody can vote whenever they want to; that’s the access we want.'”

Paxton told co-hosts Sean Spicer and Lyndsay Keith, “no, we have to have some limitations so we know the right people are voting.”

He added that two weeks of early voting is still “pretty lenient.”

Among the election reform measures awaiting a vote — which have inspired Texas state House Democrats to flee Austin’s special session called by GOP Gov. Greg Abbott:

  • Requiring voter ID for mail-in voting (not ending or limiting voting by mail, but making it transparent to root out illegal voters).
  • Banning mass mailing mail-in ballots to anyone in the state and making it a requirement for a voter to request a mail-in ballot, so their vote may not be stolen or their ballot filled out for them.
  • Banning drive-thru voting, which was used in the 2020 presidential election amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and used without having been passed in the state.
  • Banning 24-hour voting, which was also used in 2020 without being passed by the state.

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