It’s hard to tell what the end game is for the group of Texas Democrats who left Austin for Washington D.C. to avoid having a quorum needed for a vote on election reform legislation because eventually, they’ll have to go home and they’ll have to vote, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told Newsmax Tuesday. 

“I don’t know what the end game is because if they want to live in Texas, eventually they’re going to have to vote,” Paxton told Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now.” “I don’t really understand the endgame other than to create a lot of publicity for them and prevent legislation from moving forward in a timely fashion and also impact the families of other legislators who otherwise would be working.”

He also called it “pretty sad” that the lawmakers “are leaving supposedly to protect voting and preventing over 150 legislators from doing their job as elected representatives to actually vote on legislation that the people of Texas want.”

He added that it’s “a little ironic” that the lawmakers say they’re fighting for the vote, but “they’re a minority group stopping the Texas legislature from functioning the way it’s supposed to per the Constitution and pro the voters of Texas.”

If the lawmakers had stayed in Texas, they could have been arrested and forced to be in the House to create a quorum, whether or not they voted. 

Paxton also commented on the continuing border situation, pointing out that policies former President Donald Trump put in place and had been working.

“All of these policies begin to really take hold, and really work, and so you can go back and look, just look at the numbers from last year, versus now, we have the worst border crisis we’ve ever had,” said Paxton. “The Biden administration has empowered the cartels and continues to do so at the expense of the American people at the expense of Texans, for sure, at the expense of even the immigrants who are now subject to cartel control who have to pay them…the rules that President Trump put in place to protect us or being disregarded.”

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