The Cast of ‘My Best Friend's Exorcism’ Plays Demon Name or Royal Name

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High school is hell. That much we all know. If you look back on your high school experience and think, “Wow, that was so great,” you were either a combination of a bully and a popular kid or on some kind of mind-altering substance that you should’ve been sharing with the rest of the class.

The diabolical nature of throwing a bunch of puberty-stricken adolescents together in one building has been the subject of teen films for decades. This has given us plenty of straightforward comedies over the years—most recently, Do Revenge’s hyper-stylized modern take—but slightly more rare is the high school horror movie.

Enter the new film My Best Friend’s Exorcism, based on the popular YA novel by Grady Hendrix, which sees high school as exactly what it is: a breeding ground for demonic energy. The film follows Gretchen (Amiah Miller) and Abby (Elsie Fisher), two longtime BFFs in the 1980s who are trying to make the most of their time together before Gretchen moves away. Intent on creating memories, they make the dreaded, classic mistake of messing with a Ouija board one night with their friends Glee (Cathy Ang) and Margaret (Rachel Ogechi Kanu), to typically malevolent results. When Abby is inhabited by a demon named Andras, she becomes her Christian private school’s biggest mean girl, threatening her relationship with her friends—and their lives—forever.

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