‘The Crown’ Season 6: What’s True, and What Isn’t

Daniel Escale/Netflix

The first four episodes of the sixth and final series of The Crown dropped on Thursday, and immediately sparked the now-traditional round of criticism for taking liberties with the truth.

Leading the charge this time was the award winning historian A.N. Wilson who told Times Radio, that the Netflix series had become “rather cruel, horrible.” The award-winning author said the show had “started inventing things.”

Peter Morgan, the creator and chief writer of the show, is well-used to such brickbats. Last season was particularly notable for a broadside by former Prime Minister John Major who called one storyline featuring him “a barrel-load of malicious nonsense.” Major was backed up by Judi Dench who wrote to the London Times calling the show “cruel” and misleading.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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