The five DIY jobs you should never attempt according to professionals or you’ll be left with a hefty bill

A BIT of DIY can save you a few pounds here and there, and it’s a win-win if you know what you’re doing.

But besides hanging picture frames, fitting toilet seats and other simple tasks, there are other jobs you should leave to the professionals.

Some DIY jobs are best left to the pros


Some DIY jobs are best left to the prosCredit: Getty
From boiler breakdowns to painting tiles - the DIY hacks to avoid


From boiler breakdowns to painting tiles – the DIY hacks to avoidCredit: Getty

In fact, if you attempt to do some of these jobs on your own you might be left with not just a heft bill when you finally have to get in the experts, but some cuts and bruises too.

Knocking down walls

How hard could it be? Well, it turns out there’s a lot more to it than you might realise.

In fact, it might not be obvious which of your internal walls are loadbearing, so picking the wrong one could be disastrous – and not just for your home.

According to the pros at Checkatrade, “If you attempt to knock down a load-bearing wall without any steel reinforcement, it will result in your ceilings falling through, and whatever is above it coming down too.”

Sure, it can be costly the call in the pros, but you’ll end up paying way more if it all goes awry.

Fixing a boiler

Whether you’re attempting to fit a boiler from scratch or just fix a broken one, it’s recommended you leave it to the experts – they know exactly what they’re doing.

“Working with gas is a complex and dangerous task that requires extensive training, knowledge and experience.

“And, if the worst should happen and your work results in something like an explosion or gas leak, you could face criminal charges,” the pros from noted.

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Of course, you don’t need to fork out the big bucks for every boiler job – you can still adjust the pressure or temperature pretty easily on your own.

But “anything which disturbs the gas supply, related components or anything which could affect the combustion process” is a big no-no.

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Painting tiles

Although it might seem like a quick fix, painting tiles can end up looking loads worse than they did in the first place and you’ll end up forking out more to correct them.

Speaking to, Alex Sinclair, director of product information at Sherwin-Williams, painting tiles in your bathroom or kitchen is an especially bad idea.

This is because the water exposure will quickly “ruin the finish” of the paint and cause chipping and peeling.

It might cost more upfront, but its better to get in a professional to to install new tiles, since the paint is also almost impossible to remove.

Pest infestations

Although there are loads of tricks and tips you can try out to keep mice and other pests at bay, once the problem escalates you should really call in the experts, Checkatrade warned.

If you use the wrong mix of chemicals to try and banish pests you could end up in in serious danger.

So, leave it to the pros and sleep sound knowing the job was done right the first time.

Changing taps

Installing new taps is a relatively cheap way to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom, but getting it wrong could leave a big dent in your wallet.

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A spokesperson from Toolstation explained: “If you’ve spent £100 on new taps and make a mistake fitting them yourself, you’re going to have to pay around another £110-£130 for a professional to fix the problem, and that’s if the issue is just with the taps.

“Attempting to fix it yourself could mean doubling the cost compared to if you just called a plumber in the first place.” 

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