THE Masked Dancer fans are convinced they have “worked out” who Frog and Llama are after spotting key “clues”.

The Line of Duty theme was faintly heard during a performance by Llama last night convincing viewers the much-loved character’s is the show’s heroine Vicky McClure.

And a slightly more tenuous link was fans seeing a pirate ship with the word ‘Looney’ written on it during Frog’s performance – something they’re convinced was supposed to say ‘Clooney’.

TV star Lisa Snowden famously dated Hollywood A-lister George Clooney decades ago, leaving fans adamant she is the person behind Frog.

Last night Frog only just survived after finishing in the bottom two with Rubber Chicken who was later revealed to be ski legend Eddie The Eagle.

It means that Frog, Carwash, Squirrel and Beagle all secured their place in the next round as they battle for a place in Saturday’s final.

Dita Von Teese was unmasked as Beetroot on Monday, joining Flamingo’s Louise Redknapp and Jordan Banjo – aka the Viper – to have been kicked out.

The Masked Dancer will return on Thursday ahead of Saturday’s grand final.

So stay tuned for all the latest action and fan theories below….

Source: The Sun

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