The Shocking ‘Succession’ Death Is a Brilliant Game-Changer

David M. Russell/HBO

This post contains spoilers for Succession Season 4, Episode 3.

True to form, Succession’s jaw-dropping death scene takes place not in a hospital, but as a flurry of frantic phone calls.

In Sunday’s Season 4 show-stopper, Succession creator Jesse Armstrong made good on the ending he’s teased since the beginning—killing off the once indestructible Logan Roy. A corporate titan in his professional life and abusive tyrant in his personal life, Logan has spent what little we’ve seen of this season quietly wondering what awaits him on the other side while simultaneously plotting out his ninth (or tenth, or twentieth) life. It’s understandable that Logan’s not convinced there’s anything after this life he’s so thoroughly conquered; as he put it last season, “Life is not knights on horseback. It’s a number on a piece of paper. It’s a fight for a knife in the mud.”

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Source: The Daily Beast

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