The View’s Whoopi Goldberg snaps at Joy Behar for disrespectful behavior during heartbreaking Walmart shooting segment

THE VIEW’s Whoopi Goldberg slammed Joy Behar on Wednesday for her rude behavior during a segment about the Walmart shooting.

The moderator, 67, couldn’t believe what the panelist, 80, was doing as they opened the show on a sensitive note.

Whoopi Goldberg snapped at Joy Behar on Wednesday's episode of The View


Whoopi Goldberg snapped at Joy Behar on Wednesday’s episode of The ViewCredit: ABC
The veteran panelist guiltily admitted to eating during a sensitive show segment


The veteran panelist guiltily admitted to eating during a sensitive show segmentCredit: ABC

Wednesday’s episode of The View saw the women arrive on set to a huge Thanksgiving feast laid out on the table.

Whoopi opened the show by telling the audience that she was looking out for any breaking developments in the Chesapeake Walmart shooting, in which a manager gunned down six people on Tuesday.

“Please don’t forget those who are not going to be as fortunate and really try to be thankful because tomorrow is never promised,” she said sincerely.

“It’s a Thanksgiving show and we want to be up and rolling with it but it’s very hard to start these shows sometimes…”

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Whoopi then paused as a loud crunching noise could be heard.

Turning to Joy, the Sister Act star had a shocked look on her face as she asked: “What are you eating?”

“We weren’t supposed to start yet Joy,” Sunny Hostin, 54, chimed in, referring to the food on the table.

Joy looked guilty and covered her mouth as she said: “I wasn’t eating the food, it was a Tic Tac.”

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The veteran panelist clapped back: “You have super sonic hearing!”

“That was super loud,” said Alyssa Farrah Griffin, 33.

Whoopi gestured to the studio audience and agreed: “They heard it over there!”

“I’m sorry,” Joy backed down.


Joy’s behavior may surprise some fans after she recently claimed that she hates loud noises.

Earlier this month, she reflected on her lengthy career as part of The View and Alyssa asked her how she had changed over the years.

Joy shared: “I feel the same. I’m a little grouchier. Noises annoy me more…”

Ana Navarro then interrupted to say: “I’m not sure you’re grouchier, you were pretty grouchy to start with.”

But the OG co-host snapped back: “Shut up.”

Joy continued: “I’ve always been a little grouchy, that’s my personality. I believe that negativity is funny, frankly. Positivity is not funny.”

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The View will be taking a day off tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

However, programing will return as normal on Black Friday at 11a.m. on ABC.

The View celebrated Thanksgiving a day early


The View celebrated Thanksgiving a day earlyCredit: ABC
Whoopi and co. will be back on Black Friday


Whoopi and co. will be back on Black FridayCredit: ABC

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