The Voice 2023 LIVE — Gwen Stefani slammed after ‘off pitch’ knockout as fans predict Team Reba’s Ruby Leigh will win

THE three-way knockouts are underway on The Voice – and Gwen Stefani is being slammed after fans weren’t impressed with her team’s performances on tonight’s episode.

Viewers took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to slam Gwen after Kara Tenae won the knockout against Kristen Brown and CORii as one wrote, “Gwen’s team is the weakest. She swears she knows what she is doing with these singers, and it’s clear she doesn’t.”

“Gwen’s was the only team that had some off pitch moments with all 3 singers tonight. Two of the three performances were still good but more flawed than most of the other team’s singers this evening,” another agreed.

Meanwhile, fans predict that Reba McEntire will take home the victory in her first season on the show after Ruby Leigh won the knockout for Team Reba.

“I’m really speechless because I’m wondering – how can anybody be that good. Reba may win this season,” one fan said after Ruby’s performance as another predicted: “She’s gonna win this whole thing.”

The Voice continues tomorrow night at 9 pm ET on NBC. Fans can also catch new episodes on PeacockFuboSling TV and Hulu Live TV.

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  • Team Gwen singers going to playoffs

    The following Team Gwen members are set to compete in the live playoffs:

    • Kara Tenae
    • RUDI
    • Tanner Massey
    • Stee
    • BIAS
  • Tomorrow’s episode

    John Legend is shown sobbing with tears streaming down his face on tomorrow’s episode.

    Tune in at 9 pm ET tomorrow on NBC to see the knockouts continue.

  • Kristen gets a steal

    John Legend steals Kristen Brown!

    “Reba better watch out, I got a country artist on my team too and she’s good,” Legend said.

  • Gwen picks…

    KARA TENAE won the three-way knockout!

    Kara is going to the playoffs for Team Gwen.

    “I think I might have a winner on my team this year,” Gwen said.

  • Fans slam Kara’s song choice

    Fans think that Kara Tenae picked the “wrong song” with Leave (Get Out) by JoJo.

  • CORii takes on Paramore

    CORii is singing Ain’t It Fun by Paramore for the Team Gwen showdown after being stolen during the battle rounds.

    CORii faces Kara Tenae and Kristen Brown during the three-way knockout.

  • Ms Monét goes home

    Fans are stunned that no coach stole Ms. Monét after she lost her three-way knockout for Team Reba.

  • The winner is…

    RUBY LEIGH is going to the live playoffs for Team Reba!

    “Ruby reminds me of old country,” Reba said.

    “We need that tone, that yodel, that country feel.”

  • ‘Match made in heaven’

    John Legend said that Ruby Leigh being on Team Reba for the coach’s first season on the show is a “match made in heaven.”

    He added: “All three of you were just the best we’ve seen you.”

  • Fans love Ruby Leigh

    Fans are freaking out on social media following Ruby Leigh’s stunning performance of Blue by LeAnn Rimes.

  • Team Reba knockout up next

    Ruby Leigh, Ms. Monét, and Rachele Nguyen are facing off in Team Reba’s three-way knockout tonight.

    Wynonna says that Ruby is “unique in a way that country music needs.”

  • Noah chooses…

    TEAM REBA steals Noah!

    “I gotta make the hometown proud here,” he said before deciding.

    She tells him: “I’m so excited to get to work with ya.”

  • Double steal!

    John Legend uses his steal on Noah Spencer!

    Reba McEntire also used her steal for Noah!

    Reba gets choked up again as she tells Noah, “I want you on my team.”

  • Claudia B. picks…

    Claudia B. stays on Team Niall!

    “Sorry Johnny boy, you never should have let Claudia leave in the battles,” Niall said.

    “She’s all mine now.”

  • Claudia B. gets a steal and save!

    As Claudia B. cries while saying goodbye to Niall, John Legend hit the steal button for her.

    Meanwhile, Niall hit the save button and begged her to stay on his team.

  • Niall chooses…

    HUNTLEY is moving on to the playoffs.

    “I’ve never sweated so much in my life,” Niall said.

    “That was a tough, tough decision.”

    Niall said he picked Huntley because he’s “consistent.”

  • Reba breaks into tears

    Reba told Noah: “Noah, I guess the thing I miss most is sitting on the back porch of my home and you made me feel that warmth like I was sitting on that back porch.”

    During the emotional moment, Gwen Stefani told her fellow coach: “That just gave me chills and tears when you said that. It’s so true.”

    Reba broke down in tears, saying: “First time it’s made me homesick in a while.

    “It really made me feel something and I appreciate it.”

  • John Legend teases Niall Horan

    During Noah’s stunning performance, the judges are blown away by the quality of all three performers for Team Niall.

    John shouted over at Niall during the performance: “What are you gonna do, Niall?!”

    Niall admitted, “I don’t know.”

    “Someone do something here please,” Niall begged the other judges after the song was over.

  • Fans want Huntley to win

    After Huntley’s performance of Wanted Dead or Alive, fans are taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, to declare him the winner of the show.

  • Wynonna Judd breaks into tears

    Mega mentor Wynonna Judd breaks down as she says that Noah Spencer’s voice cuts through the noise in the world.

    She later added that working as a mega mentor has reestablished her faith in the music industry.

  • Dan + Shay love Claudia B.

    Dan + Shay are blown away by Claudia B. as they take Niall’s place during the knockout rehearsals.

    They told her that they’re going to come to the singer’s gigs in Nashville.

    “She’s gonna go far in this show,” the duo said.

  • BIAS wins knockout

    BIAS wins Team Gwen’s three-way knockout.

    Jenna Marquis and Jason Arcilla were sent home.

  • Gwen makes a steal

    Gwen has stolen Stee from Team Legend!

    “Stee is just a flawless singer,” Gwen said.

    “I’ve wanted him since the blinds.”

  • The winner is…

    LILA FORDE is going to the playoffs for Team Legend.

    “She needs to keep going in this competition!” John Legend says.

  • Fans divided over winner

    Fans can’t decide whether Lila, Stee, or Deejay won the knockout.

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