The Voice fans furious over ‘rigged’ season as Gina Miles wins on divisive finale that ended Blake Shelton’s 12-year run

BLAKE Shelton has finished his last season of The Voice, and fans are furious over the outcome.

The Voice’s 23rd season is over, and Gina Miles won the competition by the skin of their teeth.

Blake Shelton has officially finished his final season of The Voice


Blake Shelton has officially finished his final season of The Voice

There were four finalists for season 23: Gina Miles from Team Niall, Grace West from Team Blake, NOVIAS who was also from Team Blake, Sorelle from Team Chance, and D.Smooth from Team Kelly.

They all held hands and had hopeful looks in their eyes before Carson Daly, 49, announced the runners-up and the winner.

Gina is one of the many contestants who was featured in The Voice’s 23rd season.

Originally from Paxton, Illinois, she relocated to Sacramento shortly before auditioning for the program.

Get to know The Voice finalist D.Smooth
Get to know The Voice finalist NOIVAS

Regarding her inspiration to try out for The Voice, she often credits her father’s DJing career as her primary influence.

During the blind audition rounds of the show, Gina impressed judges Kelly Clarkson and Niall Horan with her rendition of Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away.

Ultimately, she chose to compete as a member of Niall’s team.

Throughout the season, she continued to win over the judges and audience.

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“It was a big step for me, moving from a small town to California, and I really wanted to take music in a more serious way,” Gina told KCRA.

“My dad always talks about if you can make a career out of something that you love, then you win in life. I really took that to heart with music.”


Fans of the competition show went wild on Twitter and Reddit after Gina was announced as the season 23 winner.

Many thought the vote was inaccurate and Blake’s contestant Grace should have won.

One said, “The only reason Gina won the voice was that people like Niall and obviously voted for her because they like him, this show is so rigged :(( so sad Blake didn’t win in his last season, Grace or Novais deserved it way more.”

Another wrote, “Well, my top 2 finished top 2. I think it should have been flipped, though, had it been based on the voice.”

“Huh, figured with it being Blake’s final season they would have just given him the win,” added a third.

A very upset fan said, “Welp that just confirmed that The Voice is most definitely RIGGED. Ain’t no way Gina won over D Smooth or Sorelle… not to mention Noivas in 5th? Literally, the most boring two were first and second? Boooo!”


Prior to the finale, fans were convinced that long-time coach Blake Shelton will fraudulently win this season.

Blake has been a coach on The Voice for 12 years, and back in October, he confirmed that season 23 will be his last.

After appearing in every season of the show, Blake’s stepping down so the iconic Reba McEntire, 68, can take his place.

Reba will join Chance The Rapper, 30, former One Direction member Niall Horan, 29, and Gwen Stefani, 53,

Carson will continue in his role as host – which he has held for all 23 seasons.

In the time Blake has been on the competition television show, he has won The Voice nine times.

Since it is the country singer’s last season, fans believe the show’s finale will be rigged to give Blake his tenth and final win.

Fans of the show, and critics of Blake, again took to Twitter to express their frustration with the show and their thought on the upcoming finale.

One wrote, “My conspiracy theory mind thinks this season is rigged for Blake, but Gina Miles is excellent and deserves to win. She’s got my vote.”

Another tweeted, “If Blake’s team wins tonight, it’s rigged because the amount of people voting for Gina is insane!!”

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“The Voice is clearly rigged for Blake to win his last season,” added a third.

A fourth fan said, “If Blake wins the voice this season then the show is absolutely rigged.”

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