There’s So Much We’re Not Being Told on Purpose

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Let’s keep in mind that the George Floyd incident took place in a Democrat-controlled police department within a Democrat controlled city within a Democrat-controlled state. How this is Pres. Trump’s fault or the fault of white people generally is beyond me. There is a huge double standard designed to radicalize the United States:

President Trump has been criticized and accused of being racist for calling the rioters “THUGS”. First off, that is what they are. If you burn down a building, loot a store, or attack a cop, you are a thug. Secondly, where was the outrage in 2015 when President Obama called the Baltimore rioters thugs? Why is it racist when Trump says it but it’s okay when Obama says it? 

Because there is an agenda. Lying, fabricating stories, and spending three years by the opposition party to unseat a duly elected President are tactics deemed appropriate by Trump’s critics. Here’s the latest.

A number of prominent political reporters misrepresented comments President Trump made about George Floyd during his Friday press statement, falsely claiming that the president suggested Floyd would be happy with the May job numbers that had been released hours earlier.

Even the Democrat mayor of Atlanta bought the lie (on purpose?) and promoted it as if it was the truth. Here’s what Pres. Trump actually said in context:

Equal justice under the law must mean that every American receives equal treatment in every encounter with law enforcement regardless of race, color, gender or creed. They have to receive fair treatment from law enforcement. They have to receive it. We all saw what happened last week. We can’t let that happen. Hopefully George is looking down right now and saying, “This is a great thing that’s happening for our country.” It’s a great day for him, it’s a great day for everyone. This is a great day for everybody. This is a great, great day in terms of equality. It’s really what our Constitution requires and it’s what our country is all about.

While some people posted the fake narrative, I have only seen a few people who noted that the posted story that the Atlanta mayor ran with was a complete lie.

The President wasn’t making reference to the great job numbers, something he said earlier. He was referring to “equal justice under the law.”

Let’s keep in mind that not all of those doing the looting and rioting are black. There are a lot of white people involved. This tells me that what we are seeing is agenda driven. What began as a universal condemnation of George Floyd’s death has turned into a political movement that will turn out to be harmful for the very people most affected by the response to his death.

Romans 13

The Establishment and Limits of the Civil Gov’t

The Bible tells us that civil rulers are ministers of God. The Greek word translated ministers is the same word used to describe ministers in a church. There are civil ministers and church ministers. Both serve as God’s ministers within their jurisdictions. It is unbiblical to assume that civil rulers are autonomous, that they can legitimately rule independent of Gods limiting authority of them.

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Communities have been destroyed. Many businesses may never be rebuilt. Places where people shopped are now gone. There’s a good chance that new businesses may never become part of these burned out communities. Too risky for life and limb. Property values will go down while insurance premiums go up.

And what will be proposed as the solution? More control. More money spent. More laws passed. More people impoverished as they become even more dependent on government programs.

The Minneapolis police department has had issues for a long time. The following is from NBC News:

Since the beginning of 2015, officers from the Minneapolis Police Department have rendered people unconscious with neck restraints 44 times, according to an NBC News analysis of police records. Several police experts said that number appears to be unusually high.

Minneapolis police used neck restraints at least 237 times during that span, and in 16 percent of the incidents the suspects and other individuals lost consciousness, the department’s use-of-force records show. A lack of publicly available use-of-force data from other departments makes it difficult to compare Minneapolis to other cities of the same or any size.

Where was Pres. Obama, Black Lives Matter, and the Democrat Party when this was going on? It’s because Obama was President that the critics of a police department in a city controlled by Democrats kept silent. Obama was their guy to keep power over the people.

The police chief in Minneapolis is Medaria Arradondo. He is African American and the first black person to serve as chief of the Minneapolis Police Department. He’s held the office since 2017.

The previous chief of police was Janeé Harteau. She resigned in the wake of the shooting death of an Australian woman by Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noorwho is black. There were protests but no riots, burned buildings, or deaths. There were no riots in Australia.

You may be less aware of the recent New York Times report indicating that African Americans make up 19 percent of the population of Minneapolis, 9 percent of the police force and an incredible 58 percent of subjects of police use of force. (French Press)

I only bring this up because Minneapolis is run by Democrats, the supposed political saviors. If there is systemic racism in the United States, let’s be honest about the fact that it’s past time to stop blaming Republicans and white people. Are some Republicans guilty of immoral racial attitudes? Of course, but policies promoted by Republicans do more to help minority groups than those proposed by Democrats. Pres. Trump’s economic policies prove it.

So have his prison reform policies called the FIRST STEP Act, “a bipartisan criminal justice bill passed by the 115th Congress and signed by President Trump in December 2018. The First Step Act, among other changes, reforms federal prisons and sentencing laws in order to reduce recidivism, decrease the federal inmate population, and maintain public safety.”

How many of you have heard of Tony Timpa? I hadn’t until I came across articles from The New York Times and The Dallas Morning News. Like what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis, Dallas police officers pinned Timpa to the ground for more than 13 minutes.

Tony Timpa wailed and pleaded for help more than 30 times as Dallas police officers pinned his shoulders, knees and neck to the ground. “You’re gonna kill me! You’re gonna kill me! You’re gonna kill me!”

After Timpa fell unconscious, the officers who had him in handcuffs assumed he was asleep and didn’t confirm that he was breathing or feel for a pulse.

As precious minutes passed, the officers laughed and joked about waking Timpa up for school and making him waffles for breakfast.

Body camera footage obtained Tuesday by The Dallas Morning News shows first responders waited at least four minutes after Timpa became unresponsive to begin CPR. His nose was buried in the grass while officers claimed to hear him snoring — apparently unaware that the unarmed man was drawing his last breaths.

Timpa was white. There were no riots and no burned buildings. There should have been a hue and cry from everyone in the city to bring attention to the recklessness of some people in police departments across America. There should have been a national outcry as well. Where was Pres. Obama when this happened since he was President in 2016?

We aren’t going to get anywhere until both parties fess up to these types of problems and recognize that the fix is not political. No law can be passed to fix stupid and evil. There are probably hundreds, maybe thousands, of anti-discrimination laws on the books. The issue is deeper than any law can fix.

The operating agenda, however, is to burn down the entire system. It’s been tried before with disastrous results for everyone.

A festering ideology has taken to the streets and it won’t leave anyone unscathed. They found their catalyst in George Floyd, a prop for their nefarious plans, and the marketplace is buying social credit insurance so as not be destroyed. In the end, it will backfire on them as a form of Matriphagy, the consumption of the mother by her offspring, takes over.

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