These Shady UAE Donors Gave Millions to Clinton and Trump While the Feds Dozed

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

A note from James Banford:

Incredibly, at the same time FBI counterintelligence agents and Secret Service agents were on alert to attempts to interfere in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, they completely missed the fact that the campaign had been penetrated by foreign agents. In this chapter I explore how a secret agent from the UAE, along with his sub-agent, were able to penetrate the Clinton campaign from beginning to end. How they demanded a million dollars from the secret agent for a number of private cocktail parties, involving both Hillary and her husband Bill, in the agent’s home. Even though one of the agents was not only a foreign agent but also a convicted serial-pedophile. And the other was a known high-level con man. In this chapter I not only detail the operation, but I quote from the messages the UAE agent sent back to his spymaster, as well as the country’s crown prince.

Beneath a fringe of trees on either side of Iredell Lane, a small road near the Hollywood Hills, protesters waited in anticipation in front of elaborately sculpted iron driveway gates and private tennis courts. A few doors away, set back from the road was a three-story villa protected by police with long black batons. Soon, motorcycles and squad cars flashed by in a kaleidoscope of reds and blues. And racing behind them was a conga line of boxy Chevy Suburbans, black as midnight, men with clenched jaws staring from every window.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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