NO need to keep popping some pills when the fiber intake isn’t doing it for you anymore or when the Advil takes too long to make any effect – this doctor has the answer to your problems.

Plastic surgeon Ricky Brown, known as The Real TikTok Doc, shared how easy it is to make it all better by massaging different areas of your ear.


Dr. Rick Brown pointed out the different pressure points to cure constipation and period cramps[/caption]


He showed off a diagram[/caption]

In his video, Dr. Brown explained that different parts of the ear can be used as pressure points – a common practice in acupuncture – which can either heal or stimulate your body into doing different things.

Specifically pointing out the top of the ear, Dr. Brown explained that using the back of a pencil to press on the triangular fossa can cure constipation.

“The area below is for menstrual cramps,” he explained.

He went ahead and used the eraser part of the pencil to press on the top area of his area, adding: “If you put this pencil into the triangular fossa, I bet you will poop like a champ.

“But if you slip right below and into the area for menstrual cramps, I bet your cramps will go away.”


This pressure point helps with constipation[/caption]


This one helps with period cramps[/caption]

However, when asked by a follower “how long do you have to massage it before it works?”, he admitted that it might take some time as different people react different to pressure points – but it works.

Dr. Brown also explained that the pressure point to cure stress headaches worked for him, so might be worth a shot.


He also stood by pressure points that help with stress headaches[/caption]

Source: The Sun

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