Thousands gather to hear the Gospel and worship God at evangelistic event in NYC

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – Thousands of people gathered at an evangelistic event in New York City’s Times Square last week to hear the Gospel and worship God, CBN News reports. Approved by Democratic Mayor Eric Adams’ office, the event was organized by Pastor Mike Signorelli of V1 Church in New York City.

In an interview with CBN News, Signorelli explained that the idea for the revival meeting followed worldwide anti-Israel protests triggered by the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre of Israeli civilians, and NYC Mayor Adams’ warning of potential lone-wolf jihadist attacks against New Yorkers.

“I did a viral video, where I walked the streets of New York City just prophesying and declaring what I believe that God was doing in the midst of that time,” Signorelli explained.

Signorelli then asked the Mayor’s office for permission to hold a massive revival event in the middle of Manhattan and believes it is significant the permit was granted.

“This was not just us street preaching and drawing a crowd..I feel like it was a historic event, because … it’s very difficult to draw that many people in one place, in a public space,” Signorelli said. “And, to me, that was the sign that America is truly ready for revival, we’re in revival, we’re in those days.”

Signorelli attested that the event was an enormous success. “It was just insane,” Signorelli said. “At the end, I prayed for people to receive the gifts of the spirit. There were hundreds of people that reported receiving the gift of tongues. New York City streets were filled with people singing in the spirit; we had many drug addicts surrender drugs, people cancel suicides.”

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