Today fans spot ‘clues’ there’s still tension between Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb amid co-hosts’ ‘feud’

TODAY fans have spotted more clues that there’s still “tension” between hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb.

The two have reportedly been feuding behind the scenes, and viewers have been sharing their anxieties over the hosts’ on-air behavior toward one another.


Credit: NBC


Credit: NBC

During Tuesday’s broadcast, fans continued to notice a rift between Hoda and Savannah.

They especially realized it after watching Savannah lead a cooking segment with a guest, while Hoda was off to the side.

The latter was with the other Today show hosts, eating what the chef was cooking, instead of on the main stage with Savannah.

One pointed out: “Seems like Hoda and Savannah do not share cooking segments anymore. Tension on Today continues.”

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Another agreed, writing: “Golly. The tension between Honda and Savannah is pretty thick.”

A third said they’ve been spotting “tension between them all.”

The Sun exclusively revealed last month that co-hosts Hoda and Savannah reportedly are feuding behind the scenes.

A source close to production on the Today Show told The Sun that despite their sunny dispositions on-screen, Savannah and Hoda secretly “can’t stand each other.” 

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Fans really started noticing awkward tension between the two hosts last month.

After Savannah and Hoda reunited on the show after taking turns being absent from the morning show, viewers pointed out that the two appeared to be tense.

While the hosts usually all break off into smaller groups to report from the anchor desk, all the TV personalities came together to sit on two small couches for the pop culture news aspect of the show.

Fans said they all seemed very uneasy during this group segment.

“Y’all all look uncomfortably awkward on the couch,” one viewer said.

They added that only Hoda seemed to be able to look natural and calm.

Another agreed, saying that they “hate the couch” and thinks it should be gotten rid of.

A third blasted Savannah during this segment, writing: “Why is Savannah Guthrie always such a ‘ball hog’ when it comes to attention when the group is on the couch? 

Still, viewers had been hoping that an emotional moment shared between Savannah and Hoda during Friday’s show would mark a major turning point in their friendship.

The touching scene occurred as the Today hosts wished farewell to longtime NBC News correspondent Pete Williams in honor of his retirement.

“We raise a glass to you, Pete,” Savannah told him after a tribute video ended and the show returned to a live look at the hosts.

The retiring correspondent looked emotional as he slapped a hand to his heart in response to the sweet tribute.

Savannah then asked him: “How are you feeling on this day, Pete?”

Before he could answer, the Today host told him as she got all choked up: “I know we’re just a basket case. We’re a muddle of tears. Because there’s no life without you.”

During the whole segment, Savannah and Hoda sat next to one another on the couch on set, holding up their glasses of champagne, and getting emotional over their colleague departing.

“You have our hearts, and you have our respect,” Savannah added to Pete during the segment.

Hoda added before the send-off ended: “Love you, Pete!”

Fans were shocked to see them appearing to put their rumored feud aside to have this tender moment live on the show.

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One viewer tweeted: “Hoda & Savannah are a tad more civil today!”

Another said: “Good to see you two are getting along.”


Credit: NBC


Credit: NBC

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