Today’s Al Roker confuses guests as he abruptly screams mid-segment and Craig Melvin’s forced to talk over him

AL Roker has shocked his Today show guests and co-host after he began screaming during Thursday’s broadcast.

The meteorologist, 69, was in the middle of a Thanksgiving segment with a slew of visiting chefs when he started yelling out.


Credit: X / NBC


Credit: X / NBC

Hosted by Al and Craig Melvin, this portion of the show involved the chefs sharing their favorite holiday recipes.

Each of the participating guests were set up with their ingredients and finished dish on a mini table in front of them.

They were all spaces out on the circular stage, with each host taking turns talking to the chefs about their recipes.

After the first guest was finished, Al revealed they were moving to the next one via the stage itself spinning until the new chef was front and center.

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Al side-stepped to keep himself upright and in the middle of the stage, while the guest held on to her table.

It was during the second round of spinning, during which Al didn’t side-step but instead spun with the stage, that the host began jokingly screaming.

The day before, Al raised his voice on the show for a completely different reason.

The 69-year-old blasted Craig for making an unnecessary comment about his own mom during a special segment.

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Al kicked off the show moment by revealing some exciting news to viewers about his co-host.

He shared that Craig and his mom, Betty Jo, are featured in a new issue of Southern Living, discussing Christmas and one of her favorite recipes.

Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer all gushed over the announcement before Craig started saying: “I always prayed that my mother lives a long and healthy life, but if she died tomorrow–“

One of his shocked co-hosts interrupted to rhetorically ask: “What?”

He explained that being in this magazine is such a major moment for his mom that it’s given her a lifetime of happiness.

While the others accepted this and moved on, Al still appeared to be shocked and confused.

He remained silent as he looked all around, seemingly trying to process everything.

Then, looking directly into the camera, the weatherman tried to speak right to Craig’s mom, telling her: “Betty Jo, we’re sorry for Craig. It’s a lovely picture. It’s a great article.

“And you’re gonna be here a long time. There was no reason for him to bring that up.”

Craig replied: “I’m just saying, she–”

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But Al furiously interrupted: “No! There’s no reason! Don’t put that out there!”

Craig ignored him and continued to show off the magazine issue to his other co-stars, but Al wouldn’t let it go and rhetorically asked: “What is wrong with you?”


Credit: NBC


Credit: Facebook/Betty Melvin

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