Tom Brady is ‘mesmerized’ by Veronika Rajek’s ‘flirty’ ways but his ‘cockiness’ could put her off, expert says

TOM Brady is likely “mesmerized” by rumored new girlfriend Veronika Rajek — but his cockiness could be a turn-off for her, an expert has revealed.

Less than two months after announcing his split from Gisele Bündchen, Tom, 45, has been linked to the 26-year-old Slovakian model — but there are clear signs these two may not be the best match, according to a compatibility expert.

Tom Brady has been linked to a new girlfriend less than two months after he announced his divorce


Tom Brady has been linked to a new girlfriend less than two months after he announced his divorceCredit: Getty
But how compatible are Veronika Rajek, according to their signs?


But how compatible are Veronika Rajek, according to their signs?Credit: Instagram/veronikarajek

Cosmic Fusion combines your Western zodiac sign, your Chinese element, and your Chinese animal to “create an incredibly unique character profile description of your personality.”

The app can offer insight into several areas of your life, including romantic compatibility.

Born on August 3, 1977, Tom Brady is a Leo Fire Snake — meaning he’s full of self-confidence and self-belief, making him a true leader.

“Leos are natural-born leaders, the Fire element is dynamic and sparky, and the Snake is ruthless and ambitious,” Michelle Bell, founder of Cosmic Fusion, tells The U.S. Sun.

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“This combination has expensive taste and Leos and Snakes tend to enjoy the finer things in life, so they definitely need to be in a profession where they can accrue a lot of wealth.

“This combination is a leader, not a follower. They tend to get their way a lot of the time because people are intimidated by their overly confident exterior. They’re extremely cunning and smart.

“They like to live life to the fullest and enjoy being in charge. Leos and Snakes adore being in the spotlight and love to compete, so any career that puts them on centre stage would suit their personality perfectly.”

Tom’s signs indicate he was born to be a front-runner and has the ability to make serious waves in business, thriving “in the dog-eat-dog mindset and competitive nature of that world.”

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“They’re so charming and charismatic that it’s hard for anyone to resist them,” Bell says.

“Leos do have quite a big ego, as do the Fire and the Snake, so that’s one thing to watch out for. They’re incredibly methodical, pretty ruthless, phenomenally self-assured, and extremely powerful. The Leo Fire Snake is definitely one to watch.”

Meanwhile, Veronika Rajek is a Pisces Fire Rat, making her spontaneous, reckless, exciting, flirtatious, ambitious, driven, and determined.

“They have such an an upbeat, positive, and enthusiastic approach to life it can be quite infectious,” says Bell.

Tom is likely 'mesmerized' by the flirty, feisty 26-year-old model


Tom is likely ‘mesmerized’ by the flirty, feisty 26-year-old modelCredit: Instagram/veronikarajek

“They have a good heart and are one of the loveliest characters you could meet.”

They’re also natural performers with magnetic personalities who work hard and play hard, but never lose sight of their ambitions.

“They can also be a little feisty at times, the emotional Pisces in this combination means they can be overly defensive sometimes. Overall, their positive traits far outweigh anything negative,” says Bell.

Together, the couple‘s two signs have just 58 percent compatibility in Cosmic Fusion’s algorithm.

But his ego and cockiness could put her off, says Cosmic Fusion's Michelle Bell


But his ego and cockiness could put her off, says Cosmic Fusion’s Michelle BellCredit: Getty Images – Getty

“The Leo Fire Snake (Tom) will be mesmerized by the ambitious, flirty nature of the Pisces Fire Rat (Veronika) and the latter will naturally respond,” says Bell.

“However, the determined, driven Pisces Fire Rat may well become overwhelmed by the cocky nature of the Leo Fire Snake.

“This is a delicate balance and if it’s able to be managed correctly it has legs.”

Though their compatibility isn’t great, it’s actually better than what the NFL star shared with his ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen.

However, they're more compatible than Tom was with Gisele, who had signs that 'tend to clash'


However, they’re more compatible than Tom was with Gisele, who had signs that ‘tend to clash’Credit: Getty

In Cosmic Fusion, Tom and Gisele were just 48 percent compatible, with Bell saying that their zodiac signs “tend to clash.”

“Leos like Tom can be too aggressive and brash for Cancers. Leos have an inherent desire to be in the spotlight, whereas Cancers tend to be more reserved,” she explained.

“When you look at Tom and Gisele’s Chinese elements, they’re also quite opposing, Fire and Metal don’t gel well at all together. They don’t see eye to eye, as Fire people like Tom tend to have a dominating presence over Metal.

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“Their Chinese animals are also extremely incompatible. Monkeys and Snakes are both competitive by nature so they’ll argue a lot.

“They both have strong opinions and like to take the lead, another reason why they’d clash.”

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