‘Tooning Out the News’ Prank Calls Herschel Walker: ‘I Wanted to Report a Crime’


Tooning Out the News has done it again. After getting Rudy Giuliani on the phone—twice—to troll him about various controversies at the height of the 2020 presidential election, the Stephen Colbert-produced Comedy Central show managed to ensnare Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker this week less than a month before the midterms.

In the wake of Walker brandishing a seemingly fake police badge during a debate this week, the show’s fake news anchor James Smartwood—voiced by creator R.J. Fried—decided to report that his laptop had been stolen from his car the night before and call the “police” during the broadcast.

When a voice that sounds like the actual candidate picks up, Smartwood says, “Mr. Walker, hey, this is James Smartwood from Big News. Do you have a second to chat?”

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Source: The Daily Beast

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