Tourist immediately learns painful lesson after climbing sacred monument

Pyramid of Kukulkan (Pixabay)

Pyramid of Kukulkan (Pixabay)

(FOX NEWS) – A tourist was captured on video being beaten with a stick by a bystander after climbing up a sacred temple in Mexico.

The incident played out over the weekend at the Chichén Itzá archaeological site on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, a popular tourist attraction, and involved an unidentified tourist from Poland running up the steps of the pyramid of Kukulkan, which is a move frowned upon by locals, The Independent reported.

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In the videos from the scene, which went viral on social media, the tourist can be seen being led away from the pyramid by two Mexican officials and then beaten with a stick by a bystander. “Are you stupid?” an onlooker shouted at the tourist.

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