Tracy Chapman Came Out of Hiding to Crush ‘Fast Car’ at the Grammys With Luke Combs

Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

There are iconic songs, and then there is Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car,” which the legendary singer-songwriter, whose signature track was covered by Luke Combs last year, performed at the Grammy Awards on Sunday evening to thunderous applause and a standing ovation.

Chapman, who had been rumored to perform at the awards but whose attendance had not been confirmed, murdered her iconic song alongside Combs, whose cover became a certified Billboard Hit when it debuted in 2023. As of March of 2023, Chapman had already netted over $500,000 in residuals off the back of Combs’s success.

The surprise cameo is also particularly noteworthy because the artist, who hasn’t released any new music since 2008, also hasn’t performed in public in nine years. Chapman won three Grammy Awards in 1989 including Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Performance for “Fast Car.”

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Source: The Daily Beast

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