Trader Joe’s employee reveals huge hack to customer at checkout – but it’s only for products under $10

A WOMAN has revealed the taste-testing hack that Trader Joe’s shoppers should take advantage of on their next trip.

The TikToker said she learned the trick on items priced under $10 from a Trader Joe’s employee.

A TikToker has shared a hack for items $10 and less


A TikToker has shared a hack for items $10 and lessCredit: Getty Images – Getty
TikToker Sarah shared the hack in a viral video


TikToker Sarah shared the hack in a viral videoCredit: TikTok/thesarahlavonne

TikToker Sarah (@thesarahlavonne) shared the hack in a recent video.

“If there’s anything under $10, you can ask to sample it,” Sarah said.

“They should open it and let you sample it.”

Sarah also shared that shoppers can return anything they dislike.


“If you just don’t like it, send it back,” Sarah said.

Sarah’s video has been viewed more than 2.6 million times.

The comments section was divided, as some people don’t think this is a good use of employees’ time.

“Praying for all Trader Joe’s employees,” one person wrote.

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“Don’t do this to these hardworking employees. Regardless of policy, it’s also a waste of time. THEIR time,” another wrote.

“Such a waste though. I hope ppl don’t take advantage of this,” another said.

Other commenters said that the store’s policy has changed.

“Trader Joe’s employee here, we USED to be able to do that not anymore!” one person commented.

“Trader Joe’s employee here, and this is not true for most stores,” another wrote.

“We stopped doing that when COVID started but yes you can return anything,” someone else chimed in.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Trader Joe’s for comment.

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