A GUNMAN in Tucson, Arizona, gunned down four people — including two EMTs and a firefighter responding to a blaze inside a home — and killed a neighbor before being shot by an officer.

When emergency service responded to a call for a medical emergency at Quincy Douglas Park, the driver of an SUV pulled up alongside the ambulance before shooting two EMTs and fleeing the scene.

Officials were also alerted to a fire at a home near the intersection of East Duvall Vista and South Campbell Avenue shortly before 4pm local time. Thankfully, children associated with the address were later located and found safe.

Cops said the man drove back to the house where firefighters were responding to the fire and proceeded to shoot at “both the fire department and the neighbors”, Tucson police chief Chris Magnus said Sunday.

The suspect then fatally shot a neighbor and injured another along with a member of the Tuscon fire department who was shot in the arm before fleeing again. He then tried to ram a police car before a cop shot him.

A “badly charred” body of an unknown victim was found inside the house.

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Source: The Sun

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