Turn Your Resolutions Into Reality With These Goal Journals

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It’s hard to deny the magical quality that comes with every new year. No matter how dejected one may be, there’s something wonderful about the beginning of a new year that inspires hope and optimism. Of course, turning resolutions into reality is a whole nother thing. Whether it’s finding more joy, moving your body more, or making time to meditate, there are countless goals that people hope to put into action every year. One of the most successful ways they achieve these personal resolutions is by writing them down. This is where goal journals come in.

Yes, I’m talking about journaling. I’ll admit that I’m less than perfect when it comes to keeping up with a journal, but over the past few years, I’ve found the best way to keep my professional and personal goals on track is to write them down and track my progress in a journal. Thankfully, there are a plethora of journals—including gratitude journals, five-minute journals, and self-care journals—out there that are not only designed to help you write down and recognize your goals, but also achieve them without much fuss and frustration in the end.

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