Ukraine war latest: Vladimir Putin’s forces ARREST over 2,000 protestors as desperate Russians flee brutal conscription

MoD provides latest update on the war in Ukraine

The British Ministry of Defence has given some further insights into the current state of play in Ukraine.

The statement reads: “On 21 September 2022, high-profile Russian nationalist Duma member Aleksandr Khinstein called for the partial mobilisation of Russia’s military to be extended to the Russian National Guard (Rosgvardia).

“Rosgvardia units have played an important role in both combat and rear-area security in Ukraine and are currently facilitating accession referendums in occupied areas.

“The force is intended for use in domestic security roles, to ensure the continuity of Putin’s regime. It was particularly ill-prepared for the intense fighting it has experienced in Ukraine.

“With a requirement to quell growing domestic dissent in Russia, as well as operational taskings in Ukraine, Rosgvardia is highly likely under particular strain.

“There is a realistic possibility that mobilisation will be used to reinforce Rosgvardia units with additional manpower.”

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