Uranus closest to Earth spiritual meaning: what the opposition means for your zodiac sign

REGARDLESS of how you pronounce it, Uranus is a very important planet in astrology.

It’s a major planet representing shocks, sudden changes, science, technology, and innovation and was discovered in 1891, quite literally by accident.

Here we take a look at what Uranus in opposition means, the spiritual meaning of Uranus' opposition and what this means for your zodiac sign


Here we take a look at what Uranus in opposition means, the spiritual meaning of Uranus’ opposition and what this means for your zodiac signCredit: Getty

Now we’ve all heard of the term ‘midlife crisis’ – but known as ‘Uranus opposition’ in the study of the stars this period of life is said to be a time to reflect on the past so that the future can be exactly what you want it to be.

If you’re looking to the stars for guidance, you’ve come to the right place.

According to Syd Robinson, author of the forthcoming astrology-focused book Who Do the Stars Say You Are?, “in astrology, Uranus represents life’s ‘element of surprise.”

He added: “It often shocks our system with unforeseen events and opportunities and, in turn, brings about new, exciting changes in our lives.”

What does Uranus in opposition mean?

Uranus in opposition is thought to be an intense period, but it can actually be an enriching time that pushes the boundaries of who you are and helps you find fulfilment. 

According to Robinson: “[The Uranus opposition] makes you keenly aware of what goals you have not yet accomplished in your life and may lead to feelings of inadequacy as you question your own potential.”

He explained: “While this period of self-reflection can be difficult, it can also lead to new personal discoveries in self-worth and purpose, as well as some revelatory changes in perspective.”

Robinson claimed that a person’s Uranus opposition almost always happens in the same time span: between the ages of 40 and 42, and lasting one to two years.

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What is the spiritual meaning of Uranus’ opposition?

The spiritual meaning of the Uranus opposition is that you will come to terms with your perception of life and its true meaning. 

You will realise that the outside world is not as important as it was in the past and accomplishments will have to mean something to you on the inside. 

During this time, you will no longer live for approval and applause from the outside world but rather seek spiritual fulfilment. 

If you don’t work toward spiritual fulfilment in the years following the mid-life crisis, life may grow empty and meaningless, but if you choose to work from your spiritual side, you will find the mid-life crisis to be a true blessing.

What does Uranus’ opposition mean for my zodiac sign?

Uranus in Aries – Years present: 1988 to 1996

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is all about the self. 

Those born while Uranus was in Aries are all about the freedom of individuality.

You might be impulsive, but there are many times when this go-getter attitude puts you ahead of everyone else.

The thrill of rebellious acts fuels your sense of self, and you love showing off your originality.

Uranus in Taurus – Years present: 2018 to 2026

People born while Uranus is in Taurus tend to take a unique approach to how they earn money and may also be focused on sustainability.

This reflects your talent for tangible innovation and your desire to inject more harmony, pleasure, beauty, and quality of life into the world.

Uranus in Gemini – Years present: 2026 to 2033

Gemini rules communication, so Uranus in this sign can bring about someone who changes and disrupts the social norm and communication with others. 

Your way of challenging the status quo is to stimulate creativity and encourage academic institutions to become more rigorous by teaching others to become critical thinkers.

Uranus in Cancer – Years present: 1948 to 1956

Cancer rules tradition, the home, and family, and those with Uranus in this sign may have “alternative” views in these areas. 

Cancer Uranus natives often feel trapped by conventional ideas of family and their lifestyle choices reflect the need for convenience and freedom.

Uranus in Leo – Years present: 1955 to 1962

Freedom of creativity is what this transit was all about, and we can thank Uranus in Leo for fueling self-expression, creativity, and indulgence.

People born under this sign have a tendency to rebel if feeling stifled creatively.

Although many in the Leo Uranus generation might be fond of rebellion without a cause, the causes you do support make lasting impressions for years to come as your legacy lies in the spirit of leadership.

Uranus in Virgo – Years present: 1962 to 1969

Virgo represents our health, well-being, and routine and taking a different approach to health comes naturally to those born when Uranus was in Virgo.

Uranus in Virgo natives seek convenience through order. 

Your genius ideas are aimed at giving you freedom and flexibility, but you value predictability.

Uranus in Libra – Years present: 1968 to 1975

Ruling over equality, relationships, love, and beauty, Uranus in Libra wants to completely rewrite and revolutionise the rules of the love game. 

Life has shown the Uranus in Libra generation a more modern take on relationships. 

This is the generation whose parents helped change the landscape and possibilities by modelling a more liberal take on future relationships.

Uranus in Scorpio – Years present: 1975 to 1981

Uranus in Scorpio generation dedicates much of its energy to reading between the lines of human behaviour.

As a Scorpio Uranus native, you feel a strong attraction to forbidden knowledge and obscured information and you’re prone to dig for the truth.

Uranus in Sagittarius – Years present: 1981 to 1988

There’s no restriction of beliefs when it comes to this Uranus placement. 

For those born between 1981 and 1988, with Uranus in Sagittarius in their birth chart, it’s natural for them to reject outdated ways of thinking. 

Uranus in Capricorn – Years present: 1988 to 1996

Uranus in Capricorn occurred from 1988 to 1996, and its influence is obvious in the generation born under this transit. 

They have a strong need to completely change, disrupt, and reform tradition and outdated structures. 

You can see this taking place as the rejection of the normal 9-5 workday and adoption of progressive ideals.

Uranus in Aquarius – Years present: 1912-1920, 1995-2003

Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, so innovation and progress in technology and humanitarianism can occur during this transit. 

People born between 1995 and 2003 have Uranus in Aquarius in their charts, and they can’t remember a world without the internet. 

They also tend to have more progressive and revolutionary values.

Uranus in Pisces – Years present: 2003 to 2010

Pisces rules creativity, spirituality, mental health, and compassion. 

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During this transit, discussions of alternative mental and spiritual healing became more prominent and less taboo. 

Those born with Uranus in Pisces are naturally positioned to make radical changes in these areas of life.

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