‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion: Sandoval Gets Torched While Raquel Watches From a RV


You can tell a movie or TV show is excellent when it feels like it’s gone by way too quickly, leaving you with an abrupt feeling of sadness right after the most enthralling high. That’s how I would describe consuming the absolutely riveting and hysterical first hour of the three-part Vanderpump Rules reunion, where James Kennedy and the rest of the cast call Tom Sandoval every name and made-up slur (“worm with a mustache”) under the sun while Raquel Leviss, because of a restraining order, watches on a TV in a trailer.

Whatever producers forced Leviss to watch her now former lover get torn to shreds and then eaten alive by this group of lions before she’s thrown into the den herself are absolutely sadistic—but also geniuses. It’s not even that Leviss appears shaken watching the man she loves get verbally eviscerated and nearly punched. This season has proven that this woman is completely unflappable (among other adjectives).

That said, she’s watching this reunion from this hideous RV like an episode of The Wheel of Fortune, sighing when Sandoval flubs an answer and giggling when things get too ridiculous. I would honestly watch 1,000 hours of Leviss having to process information on an LG monitor. Let’s put that on Peacock!

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Source: The Daily Beast

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