RUSSIA’s new stealth jet is rolled out under a tarpaulin ahead of its unveiling today – along with a bizarre ad asking: “Wanna see me naked?”

Another ad teasing the fifth-generation Sukhoi – designed as a rival to America’s F-35 fighters – shows a Royal Navy destroyer in its sights.


A provocative ad teases Russia’s new stealth fighter which will be unveiled by Vladimir Putin today[/caption]


The jet was pictured under tarpaulins at the MAKS air show in Moscow[/caption]

Details have been kept under wraps, but today Vladimir Putin is expected to unveil the new jet at the MAKS-2021 aviation and space fair in Moscow.

The first pictures of the single engine Sukhoi under cover show it has angled surfaces to reduce its radar signal.

It appears similar in design to Lockheed’s F-35 series – which the Royal Navy has bought for its two new aircraft carriers – and China’s J-31 stealth jet.

State arms maker Rostec tweeted a photo of the secret Sukhoi being rolled under cover to its stand at the air show.

It also offered what appeared to be a glimpse of the jet in a hangar with the caption said: “Guys, you really think we have nothing to surprise you with?”

Another advance ad showed an image of HMS Defender in the sights of the new warplane, with the caption: “See you.”

Last month Russia claimed to have dropped bombs in the ship’s path and fired warning shots from patrol boats near Crimea.

The name of the new jet and its capabilities are not yet known.

It appears smaller than the latest Su-57 twin-engine stealth fighter, which was built to match America’s F-22 raptor.

Mr Putin hopes to boost Russia’s $5bn annual arms sales by showing off its hardware to representatives from 56 countries at the MAKS fair.

Observation satellites will be on show along with the latest warplanes.


It comes as a loyalist MP – who also serves as deputy speaker –  forecast Russia would seize Ukraine by force inside a week.

Pyotr Tolstoy told state-owned TV: “There will be no Ukraine.

“This is an historical consistency. Ukraine is part of Russia which has temporarily seceded.”

The United Russia MP, a great great grandson of writer Leo Tolstoy, predicted Russia could overrun Ukraine in a matter of days.

He added: “We will finish everything in a week.

“We will return Kyiv to Russian people, we will return Kyiv.

“There is no future for an independent Ukraine.”

After the invasion, the MP said he would celebrate by “having a coffee on the Polish border”.

His belligerent comments comes amid continuing concern in Nato that Putin is using his military might to destabilise Ukraine. 

Mr Putin has been accused of arming rebels fighting in the breakaway Donbass region since 2014, when Russia illegally annexed Crimea.

Last week the president stoked controversy in an article claiming Russians and Ukrainians are “one people”.

He also said Kyiv did “not need” the industrial Donbass region that is currently under the control of pro-Kremlin forces. 

Mr Putin’s spokesman refused to rule out Russia taking over Donbass, telling journalists: “I’ll leave this question unanswered.”

Recent military exercises saw Putin put more than 100,000 troops on the border with Ukraine sparking fears a full-scale invasion was imminent.

Numbers were then reduced, but heavy Russian military equipment remains close to the frontier. 


The new Sukhoi stealth jet is rolled to its stand at an air show in Moscow[/caption]


Russian arms maker Rostec tweeted a glimpse of the new stealth jet[/caption]


A mock-up shows HMS Defender in the jet’s sights[/caption]

Source: The Sun

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