Walmart shoppers rush to get allergy-sufferer’s essential for over $200 off ahead of summer season

WALMART shoppers have rushed to their local store to purchase a heavily discounted dehumidifier, which can help allergy sufferers.

The dehumidifier is normally $369.99 and is on sale for more than $200 off.

The dehumidifier is normally $369.99 and is on sale at Walmart for more than $200 off


The dehumidifier is normally $369.99 and is on sale at Walmart for more than $200 offCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The machine holds 50 pints of water and is suitable for a 3,000-square-foot room.

It’s currently on sale at Walmart for just $119.19.

Dehumidifiers have been shown to dry out the air in your home, which can help keep allergens at bay.

The high humidity of basements and certain areas of homes are prime spots for mold and dust, which can trigger allergies.

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Common allergy symptoms include itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, and sneezing.

Asthma symptoms can also be triggered, including wheezing.

Walmart shoppers have also discovered a $130 sleep essential selling for just $51 at the bargain retailer this week.

Shoppers have recently uncovered an eye massager typically priced at $130 is scanning for more than 60 percent off.

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That brings the $130 item down to just $51.79.

The massager is said to reduce eye strain, dark circles, and dry eye.

It also has been linked to improved sleep, while boasting both heat and Bluetooth music capabilities.

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