Watch Live: Senators To Grill Yellen Over Treasury's "Domestic Spy Games" On Gun Owners

Watch Live: Senators To Grill Yellen Over Treasury’s “Domestic Spy Games” On Gun Owners

Lawmakers at the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee are set to grill Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Thursday morning regarding alleged privacy violations committed by her department on gun owners. 

Ahead of Yellen’s testimony, Gun Owners of America (GOA) published a letter outlining tough questions committee lawmakers need to press the secretary after recent revelations found that the feds asked financial institutions to search and filter customer transactions for firearms-related terms.

Aidan Johnston, director of Federal Affairs for GOA, told Fox News:

“Congress cannot allow the federal government to continue establishing and expanding databases on guns and gun owners.

“Whether it is the misuse of gun store records and financial data by the Department of Justice or firearm transaction data by the Department of the Treasury, data collection on guns and their lawful owners must be stopped.”

Watch Live (hearing begins at 0900 ET):