Well-Connected Alleged Serial Rapist Goes Free After Cushy Plea Deal

South Carolina Department of Corrections

A South Carolina man accused of raping two teenage girls and then a third while out on bond has been released after serving less than a year and a half behind bars.

Bowen Turner, now 21, got a sweetheart plea deal in early 2022 that sparked outrage for its leniency—the well-connected Turner got five years probation and pleaded guilty to a single charge of first-degree assault and battery.

That came after he violated the terms of his house arrest agreement dozens of times to visit friends, go golfing, and eat at a restaurant, among other things, according to court documents. The son of an investigator for a local prosecutor, he wasn’t locked up until July 2022, after an arrest for disorderly conduct saw his probation finally revoked.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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