We’re Hooters waitresses – here’s the insane amount of money we make in just one shift

A PAIR of Hooters waitresses have revealed the insane amount of money they make in just one shift.

A Tiktoker has shown her followers how much she can make during an eight-hour shift at the iconic restaurant chain.

The Hooters waitresses have revealed how much they can make in one shift


The Hooters waitresses have revealed how much they can make in one shiftCredit: TikTok / alidspicexo
The Tiktoker starts counting all her tips during an eight-hour shift


The Tiktoker starts counting all her tips during an eight-hour shiftCredit: TikTok / alidspicexo

The Tiktoker who runs the account alidspicexo captioned the clip “What we make in 4hrs at Hootiezzz”

She says: “Ok guys, we’re doing what we make at Hooters in a day and we just had our first couple of tables so we’re gonna show you that now.”

Her fellow waitress can be seen counting her tips from the first tables she served, which amounted to a whopping $294.

The Tiktoker then starts counting her tips flaunting the cash to the camera.

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She says: “My first table I got a $50 which was nice, it was a four-top.

“My second table I got $11, my third table I got $20 and then I got $10 from a really old couple but whatever.

“Fifth table I got a $100 bill from a single guy.”

She then explains how a particularly generous customer tipped her a jaw-dropping £300.

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She added: “My regular just came in and instead of giving me a tip that I have to declare, he venmoed me.”

But she later shares her disappointment about one low tip she received.

She adds: “Alright ya’ll this one made me mad but whatever.

“They left me $10, wrote it on the bill, then scribbled it out and wrote a $5 and then I walked away. Why?”

As the clip ended towards the end of her shift, the Hooters waitress made a little bit under $500 in tips.

Other Tiktokers were quick to comment on the woman’s earnings, with many slamming her for her comments towards the lower tips.

One wrote: “*cries in family owned mexican restaurant server*”

Another one said: “imagine that old couple didn’t have much to tip but gave you the $10 thinking it was a big tip and you come here to say ‘but whatevaaa'”

Someone added: “I love how good looking girls who are just so *smart* are the most ungrateful people. Literally rolling your eyes about $20.”

Someone said: “i used to waitress and was grateful for even a $1 tip. it’s recommended to tip, but if you’re ungrateful of your tips maybe you shouldn’t be tipped.”

Meanwhile, another Hooters waitress revealed she makes $382 a day just in tips.

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And this Tiktoker has revealed the famous restaurant has a set of very specific rules for employees.

This employee has released a guide on how to look like a Hooters waitress by following strict uniform code and using only certain brands of make-up.

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