What is the AAPI community?

RECENTLY the AAPI community has been subjected unacceptable hate and attacks.

In the wake of the the Georgia Shootings on Tuesday March 16 and midst the COVID-19 pandemic, the AAPI community has seen a significant rise in hate-incidents.


Protesters gather to rally against AAPI discrimination .[/caption]

AAPI’s role in current events

AAPI stands for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. It is a group of people who have faced significant discrimination and racism throughout American History.

AAPI discrimination was especially prevalent during the Pacific War, when AAPI were held in internment camps.

In more recent history, President Donald Trump has been condemned by Pro-AAPI groups that have called him out for being xenophobic.

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Suspect Robert Long charged with the Murder of eight people in shooting spree[/caption]

What happened in Georgia?

At approximately 5pm on March 16, the first shooting started at Young’s Asian Massage northwest of Atlanta. Four people were killed in the shooting.

At 5:47pm Atlanta police responded to a robbery at Gold Spa where they found the bodies of three women gunned down.

In total, eight people were killed, six of which were women of Asian descent.

In the immediate aftermath, the shooting were thought to be racially motivated. After the suspected killer’s capture, Robert Long, 21, it was reported by the police that the killing were not racially based, but rather motivated by a sex addiction.


Protesters gather in the aftermath of the March 16 killings in Georgia[/caption]

The tragedy in Georgia sparked a national dialogue about discrimination and hate against AAPI.

In the wake of the shooting major outlets such as the New york Times, Fox News and CBS devoted hours of coverage to the incident, shining light on the increase of incidents following the pandemic.

COVID-19’s first outbreak happened in Wuhan, China. This led to many people ignorantly blaming AAPI.

Even the president of The United States referred to the virus as “The China Virus”.

Groups such as Stop AAPI Hate and AAPI Progressive Action can be reached out to for further resources and information, as well as take donations.

Source: The Sun

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