What’s this Trump case really about?

Let’s see, we have a New York Soros’-funded district attorney whose campaign was about “getting Trump“, and even though others have said that this case is just “bad judgment” on behalf of this DA, this DA is going to twist the “law” and arrest President Trump based upon a fraudulent claim of federal election tampering. If this is a legitimate “federal case,” then why not hold Trump at Mar-a-Lago and put him on trial in Florida? I mean, you could have the FBI surround the place and put frogmen in the waterway to hold the former president there. Obviously, after last August’s raid, the FBI knows the address. Some would say, “to do that would be unprecedented” – but this whole proceeding is unprecedented.

Something we all have to stop and realize is that President Trump’s opposition does not dislike him. They hate him. Trump’s performing of many good conservative acts for our nation threw a wrench into the globalists’ plans to make money at the expense of Americans. To say this did not set well with the globalists is an understatement.

In addition to Trump’s conservative acts for our nation, he also revealed the Washington, D.C., Deep State and the political swamp. It was like coming into a dirty kitchen and flipping on the lights; you could see all the little and big cockroaches running across the floor. Roaches like Elizabeth Warren and her fraudulent claim of being a “native American” making her the first woman of color to graduate from Harvard. Then you have roaches like Hillary Clinton with her unsecured home closet internet server, allowing for the spreading of American top secrets across the world. This is much like Biden’s university office’s illegally held classified documents, somehow bringing in foreign money to the university and Biden’s pocket.

Did these roaches potentially commit treason for money or just out of hatred of America, or both? They are not stupid. They are wicked. Then we have the roach Adam Schiff pretending to read the transcript of President Trump’s telephone conversation with the Ukrainian leader, but roach Schiff totally lied about everything he was saying, and did this before the American people on television, with no repercussions. The list goes on of both Democrats and Republicans who were exposed as swamp creatures.

Then of course there is the 2020 election and all the irregularities that we cannot talk about, because we are told the Democrat talking point over and over again: “This was the most secure election in history.” If this was the most secure election, then the rest of the elections must have really been a travesty.

TRENDING: A walking miracle

So, if the Trump haters can do all of this and get away with it, one might say, “they could get away with murder.”

So why would we need the Secret Service, who are trained at protecting presidents, to surrender President Trump to the obviously capable hands of the New York criminal justice system, so they can keep him “safe and secure”?

Let’s see, where do you suppose they might incarcerate President Trump upon his arrest, even for a short time? Oh, I’ll bet it will be at the Metropolitan Correctional Center –where they kept Jeffery Epstein, who, had he lived, would have spilled the beans on the perverse sexually abusive activities of a lot more rich people than just those who were exposed. Isn’t that correct, Bill Clinton? So there is nothing to worry about since the New York criminal justice system kept Epstein “safe and secure.” Oh, that’s right! Epstein “committed suicide” with the security cameras being damaged that very night. What a coincidence. Of course, with Epstein, few really cared, except justice was not allowed to be done.

Is arresting President Trump on a twisted, fabricated charge, that is beyond its statue of limitations, so he can be put on trial an attempt to convict him of a federal crime to knock him out of the 2024 presidential race? Or is it really that Trump haters are trying to get their hands on the 45th president to permanently stop the MAGA movement by a heinous act that very likely could result in ending that movement, permanently? After all, Biden stated, “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundation of our republic.” If that is the opinion of mumbling, bumbling Biden, then what do you think is the opinion of all the little liberal Democratic “yes-men” in New York?

When Martin Luther was undergoing his accusations, The pope wanted him sent to Rome where they would have been able to get their hands on him and burn him at the stake. Prince Frederick had Luther kidnapped, to keep him in his jurisdiction, and he held Luther in a castle for his own protection, because Frederick saw the evil that would befall Luther if he were sent to Rome at the “mercy” of his accusers.

Is it really justice to allow President Trump to be surrendered and taken into the custody of people who hate him?

You know, I’ll bet that if you cut the light on in the White House kitchen at night you would get to see Joe Biden scurry across the floor.

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