Who are David Crosby’s children?

WHILE he had one son with his wife, David Crosby also had five other children.

We’ve rounded up information on Crosby’s six kids below.

David Crosby, son Django and wife Jan Dance


David Crosby, son Django and wife Jan DanceCredit: Getty

Who are David Crosby’s children?

Crosby had six biological children in his life, two of whom were given up for adoption, one of whom was raised by her mother, one with his wife, Jan Dance, and two for whom he was a sperm donor for friends.

James Raymond: 1961

James Raymond was the first child born to David Crosby, and he was given up for adoption by David’s then-girlfriend.

In 1994, shortly before Django Crosby was to be born and while David was awaiting a new liver due to his years of substance abuse, he was contacted by James.

David described meeting James in his memoir, Since Then, as forgiving and thankful for the chance to connect with his father.

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He wrote: “He knew that I wanted him to love me, and that I loved him and that I felt terrible for being there and raising him, and he eased me through it.”

As luck would have it, James was also a talented musician.

The two went on to form the group Crosby, Pevar, and Raymond.

Additionally, James’ daughter Grace (David’s first granddaughter) is now a musician, and she takes after both her father and her grandfather.

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Erika Keller: 1966

Erika Keller was also given up for adoption.

Born to Jackie Guthrie, David’s ex-girlfriend, Erika was born in 1966.

She said she’d let go of finding her birth parents until her son needed surgery to remove his kidney, and the doctors asked about his genetic records.

Not knowing who her father would be, she found her mother first by sleuthing through the internet chat rooms of the early days.

Erika grew up in Mexico City, Mexico, where she had three children; David’s grandkid total grew to four.

She moved to Florida with her husband Alex, and David praised her for being a “strong, hardworking woman.”

He also told Fox News in 2019: ““Erika has three kids, lives in Florida and is an incredibly smart, wonderful woman who I visit regularly because I love her dearly.”

Donovan Crosby: unknown birthyear

Unlike her adopted half-siblings, Donovan Crosby has her father’s last name.

However, unlike her half-siblings, she allegedly has little to do with her father these days.

While her birth year is unknown, and she keeps a private profile, we know that she was born to Debbie Donovan, one of Crosby’s ex-girlfriends.

Django Crosby: 1994

Django Crosby was David and his wife Jan’s miracle baby.

He was born after Jan underwent years of infertility treatments and as he husband was facing the need for a new liver.

In his father’s memoir, Django, then eleven years old, said: “I’ve got the best parents in the world. For me.

Other kids’ parents are good, and they’re probably the best to them. Every person has their own perception of the best.”

It’s very different for different people.”

“My mom and dad are very kind, very loving, and always there for me when I get hurt or something happens to me.”

David expressed how much he loved finally being a real father to a child but wondered what it would be like if he’d seen certain milestones through with his first three children.

David's last two children were born via his sperm donation to Melissa Etheridge and her partner Julie Cypher


David’s last two children were born via his sperm donation to Melissa Etheridge and her partner Julie Cypher

Bailey Jean Cypher: 1997

Bailey Cypher was born in 1997 to her mothers, David’s friends Melissa Etheridge and her then-partner Julie Cypher.

Bailey is a brilliant young woman with two degrees from NYU – both her undergraduate and Master’s degrees are from the prestigious school.

On her Instagram on January 19, 2023, she paid a tribute to her late biological father with a post of him playing guitar and a caption that read: “Rest easy Croz. Thank you for the tunes, the dimples, and the love 🤍”

Beckett Cypher: 1998

Bailey’s younger brother, Beckett, was also conceived using David as a sperm donor to the former couple.

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He tragically died in May 2020, when he was only 21 years old.

Beckett’s mother candidly shared that he had struggled with opiate addiction and that he had succumbed to the addiction.

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