Who is Nicole Daedone and where is she now?

NICOLE Daedone is best known as the founder of the sexual wellbeing company OneTaste.

The US firm was founded in 2004 and focused on the practice of “orgasmic meditation”.

Nicole Deadone founded OneTaste in 2004


Nicole Deadone founded OneTaste in 2004

Who is Nicole Daedone?

Nicole Daedone is an American businessman from Los Gatos, California.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in gender communication from San Francisco State University, she claims to have studied with teachers of yoga, Kabbalah, and Buddhist meditation.

At one stage Nicole was allegedly revered as a “messianic” leader of the sexual wellbeing company as it gained global notoriety.

The company hosted workshops in which women would strip naked from the waist down and have their clitoris “stroked” by a man for 15 minutes.

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The male carrying out the “stroking” could either be the customer’s own partner or another paying client.

Dubbed ‘orgasmic meditation’ or ‘OM’, thousands of customers signed up to learn as a result of the company’s “cool” branding.

Daedone promised their practice could improve clients’ sex lives, treat sexual trauma and help them “reclaim they sexuality.”

Did Nicole Daedone own OneTaste?

CEO Daedone founded the company in 2004, but decided to leave her role in 2016.

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However, she continued to teach OM as part of her day to day life.

During her time at the helm, thousands of people signed up to learn orgasmic meditation, and were allegedly lured by Nicole’s promise it could improve their sex life.

Nicole claimed that the practice would one day be as widely spread as yoga and would “change the world.”

But in 2018, allegations began to emerge that customers were left in debt and that staff were told to engage in sex acts with potential customers in order to close sales.

The sales methods was described as “predatory” with people being pressurised into spending tens of thousands.

Consequentially, the firm caught the attention of the FBI and stands accused of running an upmarket sex cult as part of an ongoing investigation.

Company founders are accused of encouraging sales staff to have sex with clients to lure them into paying £45,000 for year-long memberships.

It is also alleged some of the company’s wellness practices amount to sexual assault and domestic violence.

Its “aversion therapy” has been described as involving clients partaking in sexual acts they did not feel comfortable with or sleeping with people they had argued with.

And it is alleged violence between partners was classed as letting out his or her “beast.”

OneTaste has always denied any wrongdoing and say “any allegations of abusive practices are completely false.”

Where is Nicole Daedone now?

At the height of its popularity, OneTaste, which denies any wrongdoing, had 30 centres across the world including New York City and London.

Celebrities from actress Gwyneth Paltrow to reality star Khloe Kardashian were among high profile celebrities to endorse the company and its methods. 

But OneTaste website no longer exists and has been re-branded by existing OneTaste members.  

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Nicole, meanwhile, has largely remained off-grid, but broke cover in April 2022 when she brought a libel case against the BBC over a series of podcasts, released in 2020, that focused on the wellbeing company.

An interim hearing regarding the complaint was first heard at the UK’s High Court on July 7, 2022.

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