PARALYMPIAN Becca Meyers announced on July 20, 2021, that she withdrew her spot to compete in the Tokyo Olympics

The swimmer announced in a statement that is “sad to not be representing my country.”

Becca Meyers is a Paralympian swimmer

Who is Paralympic swimmer Becca Meyers?

Rebecca “Becca” Meyers is an American and a Paralympic swimmer.

The 26-year-old has a rare genetic disorder known as Usher syndrome and has been deaf since she was born.

She wears cochlear implants to help her hear better.

Meyers is also losing her vision to a disease known as retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and has a seeing-eye dog named Birdie.


Meyers is blind and deaf and has a seeing-eye dog named Birdie[/caption]

The athlete had been training with the Nation’s Capital Swim Club under renowned coach Bruce Gemmel to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.

Why isn’t Becca Meyers going to Tokyo?

Meyers announced that she was not heading to Tokyo for the Olympics after she was told she could not bring her mother, who is her personal care assistant, to Japan.

According to officials, there is no room for the care assistant due to coronavirus restrictions.

Meyers took to Facebook to announce her withdrawal, writing: “I’ve had to make the gut-wrenching decision to withdraw from the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. 

“I’m angry, I’m disappointed, but most of all, I’m sad to not be representing my country.”

She told the Washington Post that she has not taken the decision to withdraw “lightly,” adding: “I would love to go to Tokyo.

“Swimming has given me my identity as a person, I’ve always been Becca the Swimmer Girl. I haven’t taken this lightly. 

“This has been very difficult for me. [But] I need to say something to effect change, because this can’t go on any longer.”

Meyers was scheduled to compete from August 24 through September 5.

How many medals has Becca Meyers won?

Meyers is a six-time Paralympic medalist.

She has won three gold medals and a silver at the 2016 Rio Games, and a silver and bronze at London 2012.

Source: The Sun

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