With problems that most closely identify with Nazi Germany suppression of the Word of God and natural law, one would think Canada has more critical issues to be concerned about than encouraging the manufacture of injustice where none exists. We might think it, but we’d be wrong.

I received the following letter from a Kristin Moss, who I’m persuaded needs a cold shower, not to retard stimulation, but to be jolted into reality.

Her letter read:

Hi Mychal,

My name is Kristin Moss (Chief Ambassador at DealAid.org) and I am contacting you because I came across your “BLM: A terrorist organization worse than the KKK” article.

I thought you might find some of the data we discovered from our recently released report useful: “State Of Racial Profiling In American Retail.”

We surveyed 1,020 consumers who identify as Black or African American in the United States to find out about the extent to which they experience racial profiling while shopping in a retail setting and the ramifications it has on their shopping behavior. Here are a few key findings from the report:

  • 90.2% of consumers that identify as Black or African American have experienced racial profiling while shopping.
  • Women are only 3% less likely than men to experience racial profiling in a retail setting.
  • 51% of racial profiling incidents towards consumers occur in department stores.
  • 36% will unfollow the brand on social media and 52% will stop shopping where they faced racial profiling.

The report also contains excerpts from individual experiences that exhibit the most alarming cases of racial profiling towards consumers that identify as Black or African American.

If you’d like to see the full report, it’s available here: https://dealaid.org/research/racial-profiling-in-retail/.

The report is filled with charts, graphs, and the obligatory jeremiads per the depth of angst “poe-poe black folks gotta deal with” trying to shop in a white man’s store.

Following was my response to Ms. Moss, which I am reasonably certain was not what she wanted to hear:


Your report and findings omit the most important details pursuant to your manufactured complaint: 1) Where there are large demographics of so-called African Americans retail theft is astronomical. If black people feel they are being over-scrutinized, have them tell other [blacks] to stop stealing; 2) Stores pay significant amounts of money for security, thus everyone is scrutinized, but blacks get to blame it on skin color.

As I said in an appearance on the Glenn Beck television show some years ago: “I expect to be watched when I walk into a store, not because of melanin content, rather because it’s the job of store security.”

I also point to perhaps the most important [fact] that is ignored. I do not view myself as a crayon color. Ergo, when I walk into a place of business, I’m not walking in as a crayon color; I’m entering as a man. I’m entering whatever the establishment; to shop, browse, use the bathroom, [and/or] visit someone, ad nauseam. I expect security to pay attention to me and everyone else in the store. It is their job – and if I were paying them they would find themselves facing my discontent with their performance if they did not.

Liberalism and the inculcated mentality that elevates esteem and self-worth based upon skin color is the toxic alchemy that when ingested poisons the mind of people, instilling in them feelings of inferiority and manufactured complaint based upon same. It creates an environment where the least slight, real or perceived, is believed too be based upon being a color. That includes not being seated in a restaurant because the person is dressed inappropriately per the dress code. But I digress.

I was not raised to view myself in such regressive, modernity-avoiding ways. I have traveled the world, not least of which, I have traveled this great country. I don’t experience these manufactured complaints because I do not view myself as less than the whole, which brings me to the idea of being a minority.

I am an American. There are well over 330 million Americans. How can I be a minority if I am an American? I was born and raised here. Why would I aspire to be less than based upon crayon colors?

The proof of my words is the attempts to ridicule and shame me for being free. People try to guilt me by claiming that I am uninformed per the reality in which I live; which is a fanciful way of saying I’m not intelligent enough to realize white people hate me. How robustly pathetic is such a view. It is considered offensive not to view my life through crayon colored lenses [of victimology].

Dislike and mistrust are not synonymous with skin color. I don’t like stupidity, and I have an absolute revulsion for those who manufacture discord based upon skin color. My contempt for same is not because you are white or whatever. It is because I have no time for [your] ignorance and lies.

I trust my position is clear. All the best.

Specific to my opening paragraph, in a country where Christian pastors are imprisoned for preaching the Bible and in a country where Hitlerian social warfare is the order of the day, complete with a government that boasts of practicing draconian and oppressive overreach, this Moss person, I submit, should focus upon the real issues plaguing Canada and keep her snotty nose out of America. We don’t need some half-a-Marxist loser to manufacture complaints vis-a-vis inculcated inferiority complexes.

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