Why Jews around the world fear another Holocaust

(DAILY SIGNAL) — I have been following the news from Israel very closely since first learning of the horrifying attacks of Oct. 7. As someone who has traveled to the Holy Land on nearly two dozen occasions and seen the country from north to south, I was affected. But nothing has prepared me for what has come after the fateful day of that horrifying pogrom committed by Hamas terrorists who run the Gaza Strip.

As a broadcast owner and journalist reporting the news for decades, I cannot recall hearing about such a brutal and bloody terrorist savagery like the one that took place earlier this month. It is hard to actually wrap your head around it.

The ruthless and despicable murder of 1,400 innocent people in the most violent manner. Children burned alive; families killed in their beds; dancing young people at a festival celebrating peace gunned down with rifle fire.

We saw the videos and they provided a small window into the horror, but they could clearly never capture what it must have felt like to Israelis to be on the receiving end of such hate-fueled, murderous violence.

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