You Don’t Have to Pretend to Be an Expert on Israel and Palestine

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty

I am the daughter of a Lebanese immigrant. My father came to this country as a young teenager in 1952. I grew up surrounded by Arab culture. I have a deep connection to my heritage and I am extremely proud of it.

Like so many grappling with the unfolding crisis in the Middle East, I too have a million thoughts and emotions on the subject. And for better or worse, I also happen to have what some may consider to be a sizable following on social media.

But here’s the thing—I don’t feel like any of that requires me to go out there trying to look like I’m in a position to “educate” others on which “side to take” when I’m not. It doesn’t require me to act like an “expert” when I’m not. And I truly can’t comprehend why any celebrity or “influencer” WOULD feel compelled to publicly “take a side” or an extreme position on what is happening in Israel and Gaza.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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